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Flint Signs deal to link in with Genesee County 911 network.

GGENESEE COUNTY, Michigan -- The city of Flint and Genesee County 911 have a signed deal that will allow the city to into the county's 800 MHz communication system both sides said today...(Read More)



New governor could provide incentive for Genesee County and Flint 911 dispatch merger

GENESEE COUNTY -- The county's duplicate emergency dispatch centers are getting new scrutiny from local government representatives, who fear Gov. Rick Snyder will penalize the area if communities can't cooperate on providing such a basic public service....(Read More)

Genesee County 911 center plans to take over private ambulance dispatches

It could take significantly less time to get emergency help in the county by this time next year with a new system for tracking ambulances with satellite technology


Genesee County 9-1-1 may improve local EMS

Local EMS may realize some improvements in Atlas Township. Lloyd Fayling, 9-1-1 director for Genesee County, said within a year a new mode of EMS dispatch could be in place that could speed service to the southeastern regions of the county.


Reverse 911 calls help emergency responders quickly alert residents to incidents


Instead of residents calling 911 in an emergency, a dispatcher can call them during an important event with a reverse 911 call.

The service proved helpful during the recent fire at the White Oil Co. in Vienna Township, said Clio Fire Chief Gary Domerese.

When the need to evacuate the area arose, a reverse 911 call went out for a specified area.

"We were able to reach a lot of people very quickly....


Genesee County Receives Letter of

Appreciation for its part in locating
two missing children

On Wednesday, July 8, 2009 a 911 call was received by Central Dispatch for two children who had been missing for over 3 hours in Atlas Township. As professionals in this field, many thoughts go through your mind when these types of calls are responded to. Always hoping for the best, while staying realistic about the worst. As time progressed and waves of resources were sent, it became very apparent that additional support was needed. I needed air support, K-9’s, volunteer coordination...


Genesee County paperless ticket system Some Genesee County motorists can get traffic tickets faster; thanks to new paperless system


If you already think it's easy to get a speeding ticket in Genesee County, just wait. It's about to get even easier.

In the coming weeks, a select group of police agencies across the county are planning to go online with a new, speedier "paperless ticket system."

Gone will be the days of thick ticket books and barely legible citations. In their place? In-car computers with laser printers bolted to the back.

Drivers will still get a paper ticket, but the other five copies for police and court files will go straight to a computer server.




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