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Genesee County 911 Consortium

If you are a Genesee County Resident please click here to fill out the form to add your home or cell phone to the Reverse 911 calling list.

Genesee County 911 Reverse 911 System

Time and again, REVERSE 911® is playing a key role in ensuring effective communication, not only for general information, but also in times of crisis. Thousands of citizens across North America are safer because their community leaders are using the patented REVERSE 911® Interactive Community Notification System.

REVERSE 911® is used effectively in thousands of communities, counties, commercial businesses, schools and non-profit organizations to dramatically improve the lines of communication to the general population and targeted groups. The system has played a key role in solving and preventing crimes.

Affect of Reverse 911

Reverse 911 means added security for the citizens of Genesee County. In the event of emergency, Reverse 911 provides a fast and secure way to inform residents of the incident and how to react in order to maintain the best possible security and safety.

Utilizing 23 telephone lines, the system has the ability to call thousands of residences per hour. The system can also use other Genesee County telephone lines to reach more households more quickly as necessary.

The Reverse 911 message will provide specific information and instructions in the event of emergency. In addition, the system can target specific areas in Genesee County communities to inform and instruct residents.

Do and Don't


  • Listen to the entire message and follow the instructions given.

  • Tune into radio station 530 AM and/or your local television station.

  • Avoid using the phone unless it is a life-threatening situation.


  • Call 911*. This ties up needed phone lines that could be contacting other residences.
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