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911 Surcharge Facts

Ballot Proposal May 2nd, 2017

The Genesee County Board of Commissioners voted and approved our request for a local    9-1-1 surcharge increase from $1.24 to $1.86 to be place on the May 2, 2017 ballot.

1. What do we use Surcharge funding for? This surcharge funding is used to run our total operation of the Genesee County Central Dispatch. We are 100% funded by our surcharge and this is our only source of income. The surcharge fee covers all our Operational needs as well as our Capital Purchases.

2. What is the Surcharge Increase Request? It’s a .62 cents increase per month.

3. When was the original $1.24 surcharge set and by whom? This fixed rate was set in 2008 and by the State of Michigan.

4. Technology is EXPENSIVE! We are currently in need of replacing all of our 800 MHz radios within every jurisdiction in Genesee County are at their end life cycle, no longer supported by Motorola and at an estimated cost of $7,700,300.00 based on current State of Michigan Bid Pricing.

5. The Fire paging system upgrade to 800MHz or a replacement of the VHF system is an estimated cost of $500,000.00.

       a. IF we do nothing, and we still plan to replace the radios, it will have to be done over  a three-year period and those who are forced to wait until year two or three will have to limp along on equipment that is no longer supported by Motorola. On Capitol Purchases; If this surcharge increase is not successful, 9-1-1 can't pay for 100% of the capital needs of all the members. We will need that money to fund operations.

       b. Also, every 5 years’ technology changes and computers will need replacing. That is a constant issue to deal with.

6. We live in a culture that cannot be caught without 9-1-1- ready and able to respond to domestic or foreign threats against our citizens. Genesee County is the 5th largest county in the State of Michigan with population of 410,849, and a call volume of 522,173 calls for help in 2016.

7. Adjacent counties comparison – county millage and surcharge rates.
The state average surcharge collection is $2.03 per device for counties that are only funded
by the


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